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D'Arbonne Martial Arts


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Korean Karate-TKD
Black Belt Club

Loyalty - Ability - Integrity

World Karate Championships - Phoenix AZ!

D'Arbonne Martial Arts student Caden Holloway practicing on the way to the tournament at the Petrified Forest National Park. DMA will be closed Thursday the 20th for the tournament weekend.

DMA Hosted Black Belt Test/Seminars!

D'Arbonne Martial Arts hosted the 2023 Summer Black Belt Test and Seminars for the Chittim/Jordan Korean Karate system. The event was held on June 17 2023. Congratulations to all of our new Black Belts: Trish Green 1st Degree Black Belt, Julianne Post 1st Degree Black Belt, Audra Post 1st Degree Black Belt, Vivian Post 1st Degree Junior Black Belt, Naomi Post 1st Level Youth Black Belt, and Elijah Green 1st Level Junior Black Belt. After the test, there were training seminars covering subjects like: Judo and ground fighting; advanced sparring, and traditional kata bunkai, weapons, and self-defense.


D'Arbonne Martial Arts is a traditional karate training center offering professional instruction in Tae Kwon Do, Korean Weapons, Okinawan Kobudo, Iaido, and Judo.

Shown below are action photos taken at recent events.

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Classes are on Tuesday/Thursday from 5:30 to 6:30 for kids and beginners, and 6:45 to 8:00 for adults and advanced students.

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Welcome to the Home Page of the D'Arbonne Martial Arts Academy located  at 108 Main St. in Farmerville, Louisiana.

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Our Black Belts:


Matthew Bourque (3rd), Jake Odom (2nd), Jacob Boutwell (2nd), Devon Adkins, Kristin McPherson, Lane Green, Trish Green, Julianne Post, Audra Post, Vivian Post, Noah Conway, Lance Wilkins, Bethany Rhodes, Georgia Booth, Aleck Nyegaard, and Dee Nyegaard.

Mind - Body - Spirit

Our Mission

What is our philosophy? “It is the responsibility of each generation of karate-ka to make the next generation of students better than the current one” Mr. Rodney McPherson

What is Karate? "True Karate-do is this: that in daily life, one's mind and body be trained and developed in a spirit of humility; and that in critical times, one be devoted utterly to the cause of justice." - Gichin Funakoshi

We hope to build better citizens through training, dedication, loyalty, and integrity. It is our goal to build self esteem, respect, and confidence in students and further the "matchless American fighting spirit" - Atlee Chittim embodied within our style and system.

We believe that our students will be better suited to cope with life's problems if they develop self esteem and self confidence. Therefore we instill a "can do" attitude in a safe and positive learning environment: "I Can Do All Things Through Christ Who Strengthens Me" - Philippians 4:13

Company Profile

Black Belts are ordinary people with extraordinary determination.

Chief Instructor: Rodney McPherson 7th Degree Black Belt Tae Kwon Do, 6th Degree Black Belt Okinawan Kobudo, USKA Hall of Fame Member, Atlee Chittim Role of Honor Member.

D'Arbonne Martial Arts is affiliated with The United States Karate Alliance, The International Karate Kobudo Federation, and The Professional Karate Commission.

Bushido Society Newsletter profile of:

Sensei McPherson

Contact Information

We accept students age 6 and up. Any and all levels are welcome from beginners to advanced students from our system or other systems. Feel free to come an visit our classes.

Postal address
108 Main St, Farmerville, LA 71241
Electronic mail
General Information: darbonnemartialarts@gmail.com
Sales: Rodney McPherson
Customer Support: Rodney McPherson


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