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Black Belt Club
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Our Black Belt Club membership is by invitation and must be continually earned by maintaining the highest levels of loyalty, respect, ability, motivation, integrity, and ethics. Club members should always strive to be the most exemplary representatives of or school and our style.

Students are expected to maintain their Black Belt Club status through regular class attendance, positive attitude, elevated work ethic, and personal integrity.

Perfection is our goal, Excellence will be accepted.

Black Belt Club Self Practice Card


D'Arbonne Martial Arts - Current Black Belt Club Membership

  1. Kristin McPherson

  2. Bethany Rhodes

  3. Lance Wilkins

  4. Melissa Rhodes

  5. Sam Rhodes

  6. David Rhodes

  7. Georgia Booth

  8. Adam Novak

  9. Jake Odom

  10. Jameson Novak

  11. Christopher Ellis

  12. Isabella McDaniel

  13. Devin Adkins

  14. Noah Conway

  15. Clay Lewis

  16. Carritha Lewis



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Last modified: 03/27/20