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Korean Weapons
Okinawan Kobudo
Martial Arsenal
Samurai Sports

Kobujitsu or Kobudo The Okinawan term for fighting with weapons. Once a weapon is picked up, the art is no longer karate because the hands are no longer empty.

When Japan conquered Okinawa in the 1600s, the emperor forced the people to give up all weapons. Having no way to defend themselves against the Samurai, they developed ways of using farm or fishing implements for weapons. Most of the traditional martial arts weapons are still used for farming or fishing to this day.

Chittim/Jordan Weapons Curriculum

The weapons curriculum included in the Chittim/Jordan lineage of Tae Kwon Do including techniques, application, and katas for: Bo, Sai, and Nunchaku.

IKKF/OSKKF Kobudo Curriculum

The Okinawan Weapons curriculum developed by Sekichi Odo containing multiple katas and techniques for virtually every Japanese/Okinawan traditional weapon.

The Martial Arsenal

Descriptions and images of all of the weapons practiced within our training center.

Samurai Sports
The vastly popular combat sport using padded weapons. The sport is commonly known as Chanbara, Sport Kenjitsu, or Go Shin Do.


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