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Mugai Ryu

Mugai Ryu Iaihyodo was founded in 1693 by Tsuji Gettan Sukemochi. Tsuji Gettan was the student of Bokushinsai Yamaguchi.

Tsuji Gettan was attracted to the philosophy “Zen Ken Ichi Nyo,” or “the sword and Zen are one.”Gettan adopted the term “Mugai” from a Chinese zen poem:

Ippo jitsu mugai
Kenkon toku ittei
Suimo hono mitsu
Dochaku soku kosei”

“There is nothing but the one truth: It is universal, constant. The wind-blown feather truly obtains this secret; To know harmony amidst confusion is to be illuminated…”



Tameshigiri is the Japanese art of target test cutting.

   Cutting 2015

Cutting 2016


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