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The Chittim/Jordan linage of Korean Karate is a traditional system of Chun Du Kwon Tae Kwon Do which shares many traditional forms with many of the Japanese/Okinawan systems of Karate-do.


Kumite, or fighting is the application of a martial art. The ability to defend oneself or one's family if the need arises. The goal of a peaceful warrior is to avoid a confrontational situation but to train in preparation for that situation if it should ever arise. We train in many different types of sparring so that our students are prepared for situations ranging from tournament competition to self preservation defensive skills on the street.


Kata, or forms is a stylized pattern of movements designed to train a student's body and mind in power, rhythm, focus, concentration, movement, and flow.  Katas are of movements practiced either solo or in pairs and often serve as a reference guide for a set of movements. The patterns are a method of cataloging the movements in a kind of "file system". Katas then become a set of skills that can then be used in fighting. This allows the practice of combinations and movements in a practice environment to to increase speed, focus, power and familiarity with technique which the can be applied to the fighting situation if ever needed.


Waza (practice), or Self-Defense techniques are the act of defending oneself, one's family, another person, or property from physical harm. Complete self-defense training not only teaches how to physically defend against attack, but also includes personal safety tips and techniques that increase awareness and improves the ability to avoid confrontation and potential danger.


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